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I love summer but… winter nights are cosy.

I love summer but… winter nights are cosy.

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‘For The First Time’ - The Script, video made of FRIENDS clips.

I thought the story of Ross and Rachel went nicely to the song so i combined the two :) Enjoy xxx

Just seen this - Had to re-blog :)

Cant believe how long i’ve left this blog for. I barely have enough time for my own at the moment, it’s the usual excuse of work and no time! - i apologise! 

When if i have some time this month i will finish the remaining submissions for you guys, in the meantime, i’m sorry again, and please feel free to re-blog some older ones we have! 

— Suzanne x

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Anonymous whispered, "can you tell me the name of that episode and the season when chandler sees rachel's boobs?"

The one with the boobies. :)

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Happy Christmas to Friends fans all over the world!

Whatever you celebrate or even if you don’t at all, we hope you all have a peaceful time and a successful New Year.

And again i’d like to thank you all for showing so much love to this blog since we began it.. it’s really looking good!

Don’t forget to keep your submissions coming in! *cheers to 2012!*

Happy holidays everyone ♥

-Suzanne xxx